We support you in the world of cyber threats.

We don't know you, we don't know what exactly you expect, but know that we have the right skills to protect you online.
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Services and solutions

Threat hunting

Identification of hidden threats.

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Threat Intelligence

Identification and analysis of external threats.

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Red teaming

Security tests simulating real cyberattacks.

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CISO as a Service

Security strategy and risk management.

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Forensic analysis

Analysis of sources and targets of cyberattacks.

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Security audits

Security checked by experts.

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Penetration testing

Verification of vulnerabilities in applications and infrastructure.

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Security Operations Center

Threat monitoring and response.

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We create and use solutions that are ideally suited to the current state of security of the company.


We have the knowledge and experience that allow us to fully take care of the cybersecurity of our clients.


Our priority is the safety of our clients, which is why we always give 100%.


We operate in many areas - we advise, introduce security measures and conduct tests and audits.

Service SOC 24/7

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