24/7 SOC support

Detect IT security incidents with a highly available cloud-based, front-line security incident monitoring service.

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) provides constant monitoring of your IT infrastructure, advanced backline services and security services management.

CYBERARMS.IO Operational Security Center

Report an incident

Our incident response team is waiting to hear from you. Become our customer and protect your organization with an advanced IT security incident monitoring and response service.

+48 509 968 008 support@cyberarms.io

If you need to make an application, we prefer encrypted messages sent by email to support@cyberarms.io. The e-mail should include the name of the reporter along with his or her function in the organization, the name of the organization and a phone number for direct contact, as well as preliminary information related to the detected incident.

Safety of the IT systems should be reviewed against related risk. There is no way to safeguard against any potential threat.

With each year, security incidents become more and more serious problem for Polish companies. The report by the KPGM consulting company suggests that more than 80% have already witnessed such incidents, and 50% of interviewees face problems in hiring and keeping cyber security experts. Due to raising demand to security incident analysis and operational support, the CyberArms company was established in March 2022.

The SOC service involves:

  • Implementation of analytic tools to the Customer’s IT infrastructure as specified
  • Provision of around-the-clock remote security monitoring services in business processes, ensuring actual protection against threats.
  • Use of state-of-the-art technologies which are used by major worldwide corporations, including leading financial institutions.

SOC specific services

  1. SIEM platform maintenance
  2. Stock count of the Contracting Party’s infrastructure
  3. Installation of the infrastructure required for communication
  4. Time synchronisation configuration
  5. Log redirection configuration
  6. Log/event collection
  7. Reporting
  8. Immediate submission of notifications on any threats detected
  9. Incident detection in relation to received data
    Presentation of the incident threat level mapped to the generally applicable standards (such as Framework MITRE ATT@CK/NIST)
  10. Summaries on processing security events and incidents
  11. Professional support during security incidents (security breaches)

SOC implementation stages at the Customer’s site


To prepare recommendations including: IT security status analysis, specifying key business processes and related risks, preparation of business offer including a number of variants.


Security monitoring processes transferred to the quick response unit. 24/7 support for the Customer.


Security regulations refined. Implemented services improved on a regular basis. Flexible approach to evolving needs of the Customer.


A subscription fee is determined, according to collected data and our team’s required workload.