FORENSICS – Analysis of indexes detected in IT systems

The forensic analysis

Forensic analysis (forensic analysis) consists in securing material and digital traces after a recorded security incident. We are looking for the causes and the manner in which the violation occurred; the result is the presentation of results that may constitute evidence in criminal proceedings and are intended to protect against the occurrence of a similar situation in the future. We also help to identify a potential perpetrator.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge, we provide high-quality computer forensics services, i.e. DFIR (Digital Forensics and Incident Response) – computer forensics and incident response.

We know what to do when an incident occurs. We support clients in the areas of:

• data security and rapid response in the field of infrastructure protection
• operational restoration as soon as possible
• internal and external communication (together with a crisis management partner in the media)
• preparation of an incident report indicating the cause of the incident, attack vectors and consequences
• securing digital traces
• reporting (together with a legal partner) the incident to the Personal Data Protection Office and possibly submitting a notification of the possibility of committing a crime to law enforcement authorities
• Proposing solutions that will reduce the risk of an identical event in the future