Cyber & GDPR Compliance Assessment of compliance with the requirements of the GDPR and other legal provisions

The Cyber & GDPR Compliance service covers data protection management and implementation of security measures in accordance with the GDPR directive. Together with the law firm dealing with new technologies and a multidisciplinary team consisting of business process owners, representatives of internal security departments, lawyers and Cyber Arms IT security experts, we review the implementation of the GDPR directive and other legal standards related to data and information security, and we will present the results of the analysis current status in the form of a report with recommendations.

In order to ensure the security of the organization and compliance with the law, in the next stage we provide implementation consultancy in both technological and legal areas. Cyber Arms specialists can also implement appropriate safeguards, such as data encryption, detection systems, protection against phishing attacks and data leakage.

GDPR Compliance

The report contains a description of the data security status in the organization and information about potential threats and system weaknesses. Recommendations for possible improvement and strengthening of these systems are an important part of this document. As part of the Cyber & GDPR Compliance service, Cyber Arms can take many actions to ensure compliance with the law and GDPR. We offer our clients, among others: services in the field of personal data protection, such as monitoring and audits of compliance with the GDPR, consultations related to the processing of personal data, etc.

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