Prevention is a priority in protection against cyber threats

Threat Intelligence is a service in which a dedicated team of specialists from Cyber Arms conducts an analysis of external factors of the environment, a specific market area and trends in the field of threats that may directly affect the client. Threat Intelligence can be carried out in a cyclical manner, in relation to a specific point on the timeline subjected to analysis and presentation of a comprehensive report. Such action allows us to provide the Client with strategic and operational information that will allow us to define the threat landscape and the security of campaigns.

Implementation of the service by a dedicated team of analysts on a continuous basis, e.g. as a supplement to SOC, allows for the ongoing identification and analysis of new threats that may directly affect the client. The tactical and technical knowledge provided in this way allows for more effective defense by conducting preventive actions.

Cyber Threat intelligence

During the one-time Targeted Threat Intelligence exercise, apart from the standard analysis of the environment, attempts are made to obtain as much information and data about the client as possible from open sources, such as information about the company, employees and systems.

Tests are also carried out passive scanning, i.e. analysis of potential vulnerabilities that may occur in the Customer's devices with direct access to the Internet. All found information that a potential criminal could use for an attack is collected in a summary report.

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