Penetration testing as a way to verify security

Penetration tests are designed to identify as many vulnerabilities as possible in network infrastructure, web applications, mobile applications, IoT solutions or industrial environments. These weaknesses may significantly reduce the level of security of the Client's resources. Lack of prior verification of the existence of such vulnerabilities may cause not only technical problems in the form of incorrect operation of services, but also loss of customer trust, and thus cause financial and image losses.

Penetration testing is a service that, through a simulated attack performed by a specialized team of Cyber Arms experts and carried out for a specific target, allows early detection, identification and categorization of security gaps (vulnerabilities) and elimination before they are used by criminals against the client's resources.

Security tests for companies and organizations

Tests conducted in accordance with generally applicable standards such as the OWASP Web Security Testing Guide ensure that each exercise is performed in accordance with the art and best practices in the industry. Thanks to the methodical approach to penetration testing, the service can be performed in intervals (recommended).

The methodical conduct of penetration texts allows for constant and effective verification of the security level of the tested environment and gives the opportunity to always be one step ahead of threats. It is also a good practice on the market, also in the context of ensuring compliance with applicable regulations.

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