The incident response team waits on three lines of support

As part of the Security Operation Center service, the customer receives support in any selected range of hours, constant monitoring of infrastructure and important business systems. In addition, the client has access to leading specialists in the analysis and detection of anomalies in infrastructure, and receives recommendations regarding the current state of security of infrastructure, employees and resources in the organization. SOC 24/7 is an advanced service for monitoring and responding to IT security incidents, which are implemented using SIEM solutions in cloud or on-premise mode.

As part of the SOC 24/7 service, we offer maintenance of SIEM-Cloud system components or the entire SIEM system in the infrastructure, inventory of the customer's infrastructure, support for configuring time synchronization in the organization, support and recommendations for configuring log redirection and summarizing as part of Incident Response.

Operational Security Center

Verification of systems such as Firewall, Domain Environment, Mail and all necessary components protecting the organization and recommending ways to increase the security of these systems is the basis for SOC 24/7 operation.

The Cyber Arms Operational Security Center, providing the SOC 24/7 service, also provides its client with the installation of the infrastructure necessary for communication, collecting logs/events in accordance with the selected system option, reporting and informing about anomalies and incidents, based on the received data.

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