A strategy that increases the level of security

A comprehensive view of the organization's condition from the inside and an analysis of external threats combined with an analysis of the risk of their occurrence and the consequences that they may bring, allows you to choose appropriate technical and financial measures that will eliminate them. Together with the client's team, we take a snapshot of the current state of the organization's security and, by preparing a map of cybersecurity, we outline the necessary directions for its development and improvement. The implementation of actions resulting from the conducted analyzes allows you to invest the saved funds in the modernization of IT security management structures.

Mapping the development of cybersecurity is the process of planning and implementing a strategy aimed at protecting an organization against threats resulting from the activities of cybercriminals. The map is a document that contains a description of activities aimed at increasing the level of IT security in the organization and defines priorities and goals related to cyber security.

Creating a map of cybersecurity development in the organization

In order to create a map of cybersecurity development in the company, it is important to involve the right people. Cyber Arms IT security specialists are properly qualified and have extensive experience in recommending and implementing security measures.

Security standards, market practice and legal requirements (GDPR, KSC Act) clearly indicate that business security must be based on risk analysis. The development map should be regularly updated and modified depending on changing needs, legal provisions and emerging new threats.

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