Penetration tests of IT systems

Security tests for companies and organizations

Penetration Tests is a service that, by means of a simulated, targeted attack conducted by the Cyber Arms team, allows for early detection of security gaps (vulnerabilities) before criminals exploit them against the Customer’s resources.

Penetration Tests

Such penetration tests are intended to identify as many weak spots as possible, that may be located within the network infrastructure, web applications, mobile applications, IoT solutions or industrial environments. Such weak spots are vulnerabilities which may significantly impair security level in the Customer’s resources. Failure to verify potential existence of such vulnerabilities may be followed by technical issues manifesting as incorrectly operating services and, consequently, declining confidence from customers, therefore resulting in financial loss and negative image.

The penetration tests conducted by the Cyber Arms expert team allow for early, proactive identification and classification of vulnerabilities that should be eliminated to ensure as high security level as possible for the Customer’s infrastructure.

Such tests are performed in accordance with generally applicable standards such as OWASP Web Security Testing Guide to ensure each drill is expertise-based and carried out according to the best industry practices. Due to methodical approach to penetration tests, this service may be carried out periodically (recommended), allowing for regular and thus more effective verification of security level in the environment being tested. Penetration tests may promote your awareness of potential threats, and such a service is a best market practice, including the requirement to comply with any applicable regulations.