RED TEAM Assessment

Red teaming

Red Teaming involves authorised attack simulations which intend to reflect modus operandi of criminal groups. Based on extensive scenarios and performed by experienced operators, these procedures provide a showcase on what gaps in the organisation may be exploited to break in and seize specific critical resources.

Using extensive cybersecurity knowledge, we are able to perform profiling tests and simulated APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) attacks of high quality, that is, CPH (Cyber-Physical Human) Red Teaming. Such operations aim to reflect actual scenarios of hacking incidents that may pose threat to the organization in question.

These security tests are carried out to verify the organization’s resistance to attack. Once preliminary data are gathered during an interview, we select major areas requiring research, and attempt a breach, upon approval of the Board.

In addition to technology, we also apply sociotechnical measures to find security gaps.

RED TEAM selected areas

Examples of red teaming exercises that we can do include RED TEAM (both shares picked) and sociotechnology and physical security aspects at the organisation.