Red teaming

RED TEAM Assessment

Red Teaming (or, alternatively, Red Team Operations) is a procedure including offensive security testing intended to emulate or simulate modus operandi of cybercriminals in full scale, i.e. in a complete kill chain. A dedicated team carries out steps designed to use methods and tactics of actual criminal groups.  Such steps are meant to break into the organisation’s network, and to accomplish further objectives such as unauthorised access to critical resources, theft, data destruction or tampering etc.

Red team

Red Team Operations is an authorised drill under full control where a dedicated team, operating in black box mode (with the defending party unaware of its involvement, except for a few persons), carries out actions to test previously prepared scenarios, attacking the Customer’s infrastructure and security systems. The entire simulation demonstrates actual methods that could be employed by real criminals to perform an effective attack. The result of such procedure is supported by numerous evidence and accompanied by recommendations for the Customer.

The Cyber Arms teams are manned by persons with vast experience in performing such operations both in Poland and globally, including in dangerous locations abroad. Its members are top Red Team operators worldwide, and have proven it numerous times participating in global CTF competitions, winning Top 10 ranks for Red Team. 

RED TEAM selected scheme

Mostly, Cyber Arms conducts Red Team Operations according to the following scheme