Detecting threats in IT systems

Threat hunting

Threat hunting is proactive seeking of threats – a continuous process assuming there is a security breach. Attackers constantly look for new methods to break safeguards, exploting vulnerabilities previously unknown. Failure to detect such attack early enables them to proceed to the access maintenance stage what significantly lowers any chance for detection.

The Threat Hunting service provided by our team is based on the latest information supplied by an in-house Threat Intelligence service regarding the methods used by criminal groups and the analysis of previous
attacks what makes it possible to detect threats proactively before they turn into a
full-scale incident.

Threat hunting is not a one-off or occasional activity, such as a penetration test. We form a continuous process which assumes that there is a security breach. Attackers continue to seek effective methods for breaking safeguards, using such methods as 0-day exploits.

In-depth knowledge and experience regarding potential infrastructure breaches and the methods used by criminals is updated and verified on a regular basis with support of our ancillary services such as Red Teaming, Digital Forensics and Incident Response.


Cyber Threat Hunting

The combination of knowledge and professional experience in both the offensive and defensive aspects guarantees that the Threat Hunting service is always provided at the highest level.