Threat intelligence


This is a service where a dedicated Cyber@rms team performs an analysis of a specific market sector, external environmental factors and threat trends which may directly affect a customer.

Cyber threat intelligence

This service may be carried out in cycles, in relation to a specific timestamp subject to analysis and presentation of a comprehensive report. Thus, it provides strategic and operational information allowing to show an overview of threats and any campaigns being performed.
Continuous operation of the service, as a process complementary to SOCaaS, by a dedicated team of analysts allows to identify and analyse, on a regular basis, any new threats that may directly affect the customer. Tactical and technical knowledge, supplied in this way, enables it to ensure better protection by proactive attitude.

A one-off Targeted Threat Intelligence exercise includes, aside from standard environment analysis, attempts to acquire as much customer-related information and data as possible (information on the company, the employees and the systems). This also involves so-called passive scanning tests, that is, the analysis of potential vulnerabilities that may be present in the Customer’s devices connected directly to the web. Any collected information that may be used by a potential offender are compiled in a summary report.